Which peak climbing is best in autumn season 2024?

Nepal is endowed with serene mountains and the cluster of the Himalayas providing magnificent beauty throughout the range of higher lands of the country. From 1949 officially Nepal’s peaks and mountains were opened. Government of Nepal has currently made 414 mountain peaks accessible to climbing purpose. This surely keeps up all mountain dwellers inclined towards Nepal’s smooth to rugged topography of mountains and their triumph of mountaineering experience.
Autumn in Nepal starts from mid of September and ends in November. This season is also the best season for trekking and peak climbing. There are many reason the travelers choose autumn season. Nepal is 80 percent people are Hindus. The Hindu's biggest festival Deepawali or Dashain is in autumn season. The different kinds of flowers are booming. The scenery is really beautiful at that time.

Nepal is famous for adventure travelers. Peak climbing or mountaineering is the major activities in Nepal. We categorically divide peaks in four different by height. Less than 6000m which is free to climb. Between 6000m to 6500m height Mountains 27 peaks are running by Nepal mountaineering association (Non-profitable Alpine club). Nepal has 8 peak above the 8000m. Others peaks 6500m to less than 8000m are running by Government of Nepal.

Some of the peaks are climbing in autumn season only. Some of the mountains harder to climbs in autumn season. Most of the climbers think spring is the best time to climb, however the autumn also one of the best season.

Above 8000m mountain, Mt. Manaslu 8163m is the best option to climb. Manaslu is one of the most famous expeditions nowadays. Manalsu peak climbing is starting early in September. Many climbers are planning to climb Manaslu because of the success rate is 98%. Manaslu expeditions have four camps. The duration of the expedition takes 25–35 days.

We recommend some of the peaks climbing or expedition are best in autumn season.

Ama Dablam 6812m Expedition; Ama Dablam is Lovely Mountain in Khumbu area. In our experience, almost all trekking or adventure lovers like Ama Dablam. It is in a really beautiful shape. Ama Dablam is considered to be the most technical & complicated to climb. The mountaineers have to cross-difficult ice rocks and vertical snow climbing on their climbing path. There are three camps, but the climber pushes to the summit from camp II. The duration of climbing is 20–30 days.

Baruntse Expedition; Baruntse 7129 m is in the eastern part of Nepal. Situated close to Mt Makalu inside Makalu Barun National Park. It is remote and at the center of three glacier valleys, the Imja, the Hunku and Barun. From the Base Camp, we climb the south-east ridge toward the West Col, which is pretty straightforward. Fixed line is needed, however, to climb up the challenging 50° ice cliff to the West Col, which brings us to the glacial plateau where we set up Baruntse Camp I, 6100 m. From Camp, I, we ascend a long, low-angled glacier using fixed rope. The slope steepens on the approach to a small col on the South-East Ridge proper, where we establish Baruntse Camp II, 6400 m. From Camp II, we push for the summit. First, we make a short steep climb on a 45° ice wall to a small col, 6500 m. There are some steep steps on ice and short sections of rock to ascend, but the big challenge of summit day is the sharp ice shoulder, at around 7000 m, that leads onto the summit ridge.

Himlung Himal 7126m; live is Annapurna area, Nar Phu valley. Base Camp of Himlung is seated at the height of, 4920 m. There are three higher camps are established on the heights of Camp I; 5,450 m, Camp II; 6,000 m and Camp III; 6,350 m respectively. The last part of the pinnacle includes a steep and snow icy way. Generally it takes ten to fifteen days to conquer Himlung Himal climbing base camp to base camp.

Among the Nepal mountaineering Association running 27 peaks; Mera peak 6470m is the easiest peak climbing in Everest region. For the beginner, it is the best option. Islnad peak, Lobuje peak are commercial peaks in Nepal. If you are looking for challenging peak climbing in Everest, reason Kyazori Peak 6243m is the best. For the adventure sicker Kusum Khanguru 6349m peak climbing in autumn season.

In the Langtang valley, Yala Peak 5500m which is like training peak. Langshisa Ri 6422m the another best season in autumn. Those peaks need two weeks’ time.

In Annapurna side, Chulu peaks, there are Chulu West, Chulu east, Chulu Far East and Chulu central. Chulu west is the best season on autumn season. Chulu East is one of the difficult peak among the NMA peaks. Another peak call Singu Chuli 6501m also more possibility to success on autumn season. We need to fix the camp 1 to push summit. Singuchhuli located in Annapurna base camp. The itinerary minimum two weeks to three weeks. For more information, contact Asian Hiking Team.

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