Tibet Visa and documents

You can get Chinese Visa in your home country too if Chinese embassy is there. It is better to take a visa in your home country, if you are entering Tibet from mainland China. It is also valid for Tibet. But if you are travelling to Tibet through Nepal, you need a separate visa valid for the Tibet region from Chinese embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal. We will do this.

Embassy opening time

Embassy opening: Monday, Wednesday and Friday - at 9.30 Am to 12 Pm (Visa Section). All Government holidays are closed.

Visa fee:

American Nationality: Ordinary US$ 140, Urgent US$ 155, Extreme Urgent US$ 175.

Romanian Nationality: Ordinary US$ 72, Urgent US$ 84, Extreme Urgent US$ 90.

Serbian Nationality: Ordinary US$ 60, Urgent US$ 72, Extreme Urgent US$ 85.

Others Nationality: Ordinary US$ 50, Urgent US$ 65, Extreme Urgent US$ 85.

TTB permit

TTB permit required before applying for a visa and for this you have to send following details before your arrival. Photocopy of passport, full name, Nationality, Passport No., Expiry date, occupation, Date of birth.