Home Stay Trekking

Home Stay Trekking

Home stay trekking is a living arrangement with a mass family who offers an extra private guest room or space for clients. Home stay is most commonly used by foreign who want local culture and lifestyle of local people. Someone who likes to learn Nepalese and shares and teaches English, gains acquaintance with local culture of Nepal. Today, home stay offers moderately priced accommodation and eating together with local food and share to help make food if you want. Even though we have cooked with us.

The home stay trekking or touring is a very new preparation in Nepal. Home stay in Nepal might be as interesting as travelling to this implausible land. The concept of home stay is considered to be the best alternative to hotel accommodation in the hospitality industry. Home stay helps you come across land, culture, people and cuisine of any place in its perfect elements unlike hotel accommodation. These homes have their own history and stories to tell you, run by the families who have inherited the culture and hospitality. You can actually feel and see the daily lifestyle in Nepal.

It is a very cheap holiday package that pays a rich dividend. You may travel to Nepal for just a week or two or more, but you will carry back good memories for a lifetime. After your home stay trekking in Nepal, you will make lifelong friends from the countryside that you love. Give a personal touch to your holiday in Nepal. We bring you those culturally rich villages to make you an unbelievable holiday. Barpak , Siklas, Tamangsur village, Ghale gau, Sirubari village, Lower Manaslu, Ruby Valley the tropical historical and cultural village home stay trekking is very famous in Nepal.

  • Ghale Gaun Home Stay Trekking

    Ghale Gaun Home Stay Trekking

    Located in north inner Nepal, Ghale Gaun is mainly Gurung settlement, encouraging unique village tourism and involved ...

    US$ 350 7 days 1800m Easy

  • Gorkha Barpak Home Stay Trekking

    Gorkha Barpak Home Stay Trekking

    Barpak village is located upon the hill top about 1900 meter high from sea level at north of Gorkha approximately 47 ...

    US$ 260 4 days 1900m Easy

  • Manaslu Home Stay Trekking

    Manaslu Home Stay Trekking

    Gorkha, from where the unification of modern Nepal was started by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, is the first capital of ...

    US$ 500 10 days 3220m Easy Plus

  • Sirubari Village Home Stay

    Sirubari Village Home Stay

    Sirubari village is a totally unspoiled Gurung settlement set in the height at 1700 meters above sea level. The village ...

    On Request 5 days 1700m Easy

  • Tanahunsur village home stay tour

    Tanahunsur village home stay tour

    Tanahunsur is a village development committee in Tanahun District in the Gandaki Zone of central Nepal. It mainly indicates ...

    US$ 65 3 days 1900m Easy